Houdini W’s Motion Pants

2000,00 kr

A true Houdini classic. Motion Pants are four season outdoor pants suitable for everything from hiking to ice skating or mountaineering. The single layer softshell is wind and water resistant. soft. stretchy and very durable. Motion Pants have been in our range for almost ten years and they have been tested in the most difficult conditions. The slim fit. minimalist design and balanced material makes them a true multi tool and we believe that’s a big reason why so many of our customers love them. They work just as well for hiking or mountaineering in the summer to cross country skiing or ice skating in the winter. The fabric is a single layer soft shell called Eco Circle® Motion Comfortshell™. It’s made in pure 41% recycled and fully recyclable polyester. The fabric has a smooth. durable outside and a soft. cozy inside. It’s wind and water resistant but still highly breathable. If you are looking for a pair of outdoor pants to use all year around for any adventure. Motion Pants are a great match. They are also completely recyclable so when you wear them out (this will take many years). please return them to us. We have recycling units in all our own stores and at many retailers.

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